How it Works

Aquadex FlexFlow Technology

The Aquadex FlexFlow is a sophisticated system engineered to simply, safely, and precisely remove excess fluid (primarily excess salt and water) from patients suffering from fluid overload who have failed diuretic therapy. With the Aquadex FlexFlow, medical practitioners can specify and control the amount of fluid to be extracted from a patient's blood at the most safe, predictable, and effective rate.

Peripheral or central venous access may be used to access the patients’ blood and up to 500 ml or 1.1 lb of fluid can be safely removed per hour. The average removal rate is 250 ml or ½ lb an hour and treatment usually lasts about 24 hours.

The Aquadex FlexFlow has been shown to have no clinically significant impact on electrolyte balance, blood pressure or heart rate.

Fluid Path Diagram

View an Animation of the Aquadex FlexFlow in Operation

Easy to Operate, Safe to Use

The Aquadex FlexFlow offers a precise and safe approach to treating fluid overload:

  • Predictably removes excess salt and water from patients with fluid overload by allowing a medical practitioner to adjust the rate at which fluid is extracted from blood. The extraction rate can be adjusted to match the natural rate of excess fluid returning from tissues and entering the blood.
  • Allows a medical practitioner to specify the amount of fluid to be removed from each individual patient.
  • Connects to the patient's bloodstream through catheters inserted into peripheral or central veins. The medical practitioner is free to choose which catheter and where on the patient is best.
  • Intelligent console provides highly automated operation. Only one setting required to begin Aquapheresis Therapy.
  • Utilizes a proprietary, auto-loading blood filter circuit that facilitates easy set-up and is discarded after each treatment.
  • The system's console guides medical practitioner through the setup and operational process. Its interface screen and keypad allow medical practitioners to set preferences, enter the rate of fluid removal, and monitor the total amount of fluid removed.

Automatic Safety and Diagnostic Features

The Aquadex FlexFlow is equipped with safety monitors to automatically detect air or blood inside the blood circuit. A data key memory device ensures the blood filter/circuit is not reused. The system is also equipped with a weight scale to monitor how much fluid has been extracted from a patient.

The device automatically runs self-tests during power-up and operation. Several features alert users to varying states of operation:

  • An audible alarm accompanied by a red flashing light notifies users if immediate intervention is required. The screen displays an alarm message and suggested remedies. The system's pumping mechanism automatically stops.
  • An audible alert accompanied by a yellow flashing light notifies users if prompt intervention is required. The screen displays an alert message and suggested remedies.
  • A green indicator light is displayed on the interface screen during normal operation.
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